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Why Black People Suffer So Much?

Author Dr. James. A McBean. D.Th., MCC

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T o survived as a race of people, that race of people must develop racial pride. You must stop thinking as one man and start thinking as a team. A black man cannot get a job in a Chinese store until all members of the Chinese family are employed. I walked from one corner of the United States to the other and never saw a Chinese eating in a black man own restaurant. I am not trying to sabotage the Chinese people, I am only trying to make a point. I saw this question posted on a certain web site, and this is my reply to such questions. In this article, I planned to bypass what others have done to blacks and to show what blacks are not doing. Things that other black groups are doing and pulling themselves out of the dilemma. I am not targeting any special ethnic group. However, I am making an overall statement base on my personal observation and base on what I have read.

Even from ancient time, those that have survived the ages are the people that learn to network. No other creature took the beating that what wolves take, and still survived down through the ages, wolves learn to network. I was watching a documentary where a bear teams up with a cat and cows team up with black birds to survive. You have to bypass your own prejudice, in order to network. If you are not networking, you will never come out of the dilemma that you are in. I lived in a black community, and every time other blacks need help they came knocking on my doors, at the same time those same black people hated Jamaicans with a passion,. I can see the hate in their eyes even when they are standing at my door asking me for help. They cannot overcome the fact that I am a Jamaican. “You came here, worked seventeen jabs and buy houses.” My reply: So what! I cannot sleep in the street, if I am working seventeen jobs, why not use the money? Even the black pastors are of the same spirit and attitudes. They have learned nothing from Jesus.


All the help I get comes from white people. It reaches a stage now where I do not complain when myself and a white have some problem. Just think about those black athletes. They could set up banks to lend money, to train other blacks. Few of them are helping. Look at all those black lawyers, how many of them helping blacks that are in prison innocently?

Black people are not the only people who suffer through history. However, many of the people who suffered have learned something from that suffering and are striving to make a comeback. When they demonstrate at a certain town, they buy out everything from that town, such as water, soft drinks, tobacco, and pizza. Therefore, after the demonstration the town made tens of millions of dollars. The same town that is persecuting them makes a large profit in income. Therefore, the demonstration only helps the same town. All the town will need to do next year when they have a deficit is to kill another black and call in the demonstrators again to buy the town dry, and pull them out of their deficit.

One man told me that he was (making sex) to a girl. He was giving her competition, and she was screaming, and finally, she slid out from under him. Scream if you want, but for God sake slid out. Do not just stand there taking a beating, do something to prevent it. And do something on a racial scale. If you cannot change your opponent, change yourself, in a way that what your opponent are doing has little or no negative effect on you. If you want to change the laws that will affect you, you must make it your business to go out and vote. Know who and what going to rule over you, know their concepts and values. It is the persons, concepts and values that will raise you up or put you down, it is the concept and value that will take jobs away from your country and it is their concepts and value that will bring jobs and change in your country, know people concepts and values before you vote them into a place of authority.


The black people who were brought to the Americas were sold out from Africa. The white slave traders could not go into the jungle and catch them; their own people took them captive and sold them out. Sometime black slaves were swapped for white slaves’ women.

The slaves that were brought were people that could be easily controlled. People like the Zulu and other warlike black people were not taken. It only takes one Ashanti Warrior or one Zulu to teach the other weak ones to rise up and give the slave masters trouble. It happens all the time. Some slave ships were taken over by the slaves. Some Island slaves took over the island and held the slave’s masters captive. The ones that were brought to some places in the Americas were people who could not work together not even for the common good. ((({ Ashanti: ))A member of an Akan people of Ghana, formerly united in the Ashanti kingdom )


Some black people suffering today are self-inflicted. I gave a man a ride in my car. I was going to work. At his destination, he decides to push his luck a little further. He asks me if I had, some money could give him. All I had was $7 us $5 for my lunch and two to buy gas. I gave him $3 plus the free ride. The person was so vexed at the $3 I was lucky he did not attack me. My own brother spent some fifteen years in a Jamaican prison. I supported his children while he was away. In addition, help the grand children that begin to come in. On his return from prison. I was in the process of buying a boat engine to bring for him. Since he is in the fishing business. My mother was very reluctant about me helping him. Finally a lady who lives next door to my mother call me and told me not to come out because the man is planning to kill me when I came out. Some people want others to do for them what they do not intend to do for themselves.


Some of the blacks suffering come about because black seems to be a worthy contender and others scared that blacks might do better than their counterpart if the blacks are allowed to contend freely without stumbling blocks. When I was going to Diesel mechanic school, my counterpart throws bolts in the engine, swap the parts, hide the tools and do everything to make us fail, pointing guns at me each morning on my way to school. When the police see them and arrested them, they blame me. Did they do it out of hate? No. Scared that I might do better. The teachers also pass on that scared of the students. They could bring the calculators and do a test, and boast about it later. However, when I do the same things, they failed me on purpose.


Many black people do not think of what they are doing. For example, if you country depending on tourism, and you keep attacking tourists as they came to your country, eventually the tourists stop coming and the revenue that was coming in from the tourist trade dried up and all the people that was depending on the tourist trade, now finding themselves in economic hardship. Many black countries are targeting their returning residents for robbery, thinking that the returning residents are coming in rich. This behavior causes the returning residents to start going to other countries to retire, and taking their knowledge to other people, which could use to help their own original country. You have to look at what your behavior is going to cause in the end. Black people failed to look at what their behavior is going to cause in the end. For example, if you used your celler phone on the job, and stayed long on the phone, the company is going to make a rule, to prevent you from bringing your phone on the job. If all you can do to make a living is robbing other people, soon somebody is going to come up with an Idea that prevent you from doing that.

Black Problems Are Black Leaders Trying To Make A Name:

If you are going to tell your black child that white people are the cause of our problems, you must show the child how to counteract it. Black leaders and black authors who are trying to make a quick and easy buck, keep pointing to white people as the problems. If you are going to fight with a strong boxer, you must study and practice more and harder than the boxer to have a chance. I was working beside a daycare center. Only rich people live in that arias, they throw out the old computer software, that they were using teaching these children. I took up some of those software out of the Dumpster and brought them home. A password was needed to run the software, but I bypass that and run it anyway. To my surprise, what those white kindergarten was being taught, they were already at the pre-high school level. They were taking advantage of that window of free and easy learning period of Children. Blacks do not teach their children about money, or the importance of learning a second language. You have to give your children the edge, before they reach eight years old. You must know what your children being taught and who teaching them. My wife was parent’s teacher president in one of our school and could only get the black mothers to come out when she promise them curry chicken and curry goat. If you and I wait until we reaches adulthood to be doing the high school courses, we will never pass the tests. For example: They have you studying book #C, but when they give you the tests, the test is based on book #A. Therefore, if you failed to figure out that they are giving you the tests on higher book than what you study, you will never pass that high school diploma test in your adult years, that is why many adults’ students drop out again.If you are depending on the school system to move your black children forward and onward, the laugh is going to be on you.

The Blacks People Will Not Use Their Purchasing Power:

Black people are mostly the end users, many of us are poor, and we buy the used car and the use house. It is not the rich people that buy from the corner store in the community. They do not buy a pound of flour, and a pound of rice, nor buy a use tire. If all the black people in a certain community decide to boycott the town that done, then injustice, the town has to change its policy and procedures. No need to do any civil disobedience, such as: Blocking any bridges, and do any demonstration. If a company refused to employ black people, let the people that they employed buy their products. If a restaurant does not want to serve, black people do not buy from them. You cannot employ my people; my people cannot buy your products. If no black face is working in a company you must not be seeing doing business with that company, unless you are a jackass backside. You Will Need To Understand One Thing As A Black Person. The only place in this world that you are going to find sympathy is in the dictionary, you have to stop depending on people’s sympathy, You have to change the people around you by changing yourself. Many of us run to the church, many of our black pastors are kids, they cannot help us, many of them will despise you simple because you have a degree, some do not even believe in education. “You have Jesus, what more do you want?” They will ask you. However, they own an house in every parish.

Black People Does Not Respect Their Intellectuals:

One of the greatest downfall of black people, we are cynical of our Intellectuals, we accused them of trying to be white, or acting like whites. “Why are you trying to be white?” Many of our black pastors does not like other black pastors with degrees. They dubbed other black men with degrees. “Head knowledge” It is sickening to listen to them. Most educated black men cannot even get a black woman, they have to go straight to the white women because their own black women seen them as pomp up, and full of the white man shit knowledge. “White man mascot, collage boy” , “ I can get your degree down at the corner store for $30 boy,” Well, go buy a couple and come throw it in my face, and even up the score!

The final chapter of this article can only be written by time and by you my reader, Amen. Skype me at blackelk47.

Special Notes

Every writer have their own style, and ethics, I do not intentionally tries to insults my readers with my style. I pen the way I speaks, this is my style, if my reader find it offensive, I apologizes.

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